Institutional clients


As a client, you receive customized asset management services. We support and assist the persons responsible for institutional clients in strategic and administrative tasks relating to asset management. Assets distributed among several banks are consolidated for you.

Investment strategy consulting

We support clients in developing an individual investment strategy that takes their expected return, risk tolerance and risk capacity into account.

Portfolio management

Specialists implement the investment strategy in accordance with client guidelines. The investments are monitored on an ongoing basis and managed actively within the specified bandwidths. As a client, you are provided with regular reports on the return, risk, investments and market estimates.

Collective foundation

If a pension foundation wishes to join an independent collective foundation, we offer a customized solution together with the UWP Collective Foundation for Employee Benefits in Basel.

Portfolio accounting

All transactions are booked in our in-house securities accounting and portfolio management system, and the holdings are evaluated daily. The system also provides collective statements for audit purposes and is an efficient interface to financial accounting.

Administrative support

On request, we take minutes of investment meetings in which we play an advisory and reporting role.

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