Asset management

Investment philosophy

Partnership – Knowing the client’s needs and objectives is the basis for a cooperation based on trust


A careful selection of individual investments based on appropriate risk distribution is a major factor in ensuring that long-term investment targets are met.


Freedom to take decisions and implement them results in the best possible protection of clients’ interests.


Personal contact and a comprehensive, meaningful reporting system create clarity and trust.


Multi-stage checks guarantee that the client assets entrusted to us are handled securely.

Investment process

Agreeing objectives

The investment process starts by defining a realistic risk/return ratio and the permissible investment universe.

Asset structure

A strategic asset breakdown at the investment category level is primarily responsible for long-term investment success.

Investment approach

Defined bandwidths offer scope for increasing the return or reducing risk and are used actively on the basis of short- and medium-term market and stock evaluations.


Systematic checks ensure compliance with the client’s strategic requirements and consistency of active decisions with the long term goals.

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